Did someone say free pancakes?

When you hear something is ‘free’, it is kind of unbelievable. But when it comes to ‘free food’ it is a whole lot more believable especially when it’s pancakes. From 1am Wednesday 1 July to 1am Thursday 2 July, the famous dessert bar Bay Vista, held their second annual ‘Free Pancake Day’.

This is not a drill! Bay Vista actually gave out free pancakes and people were lining up to get their hands on the delicious pancakes.

“Bay Vista is my favourite dessert bar! And their pancakes were so delicious, I can’t wait for the next one,” said Emily Wong.

People lining up outside Bay Vista for their free pancakes. Photo: Bay Vista Facebook.

The atmosphere was buzzing with loud music and the loud chatter from people who came from all over the St George area as well as outside the area as they came to indulge in some of the best pancakes.

With options from fountain chocolate toppings, to butterscotch syrup, the staff at Bay Vista were busy for the full 24 hours ensuring their customers were happy and everything went according to plan.

Tulika Garg said this was the second time she went to the ‘Free Pancake Day’ and she really appreciates the event.

“Although Bay Vista is my go to place in Brighton for it’s fantastic food and great atmosphere, I really appreciate pancake day regardless, because it feels like they are rewarding their customers with something special and sweet.”

This event was definitely special and Bay Vista staff was impressed of the turnout, and according to their Facebook page we should “stay tuned for more exciting events in the near future.”

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